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Uncovering Atlanta’s indie electronic gems: Evan Andree

Atlanta’s one of those cities that you can be living in for years and rediscover something completely and shockingly new that’s right down the street tomorrow. This is one of the things that makes it so unique and totally underrated in the scope of US cities. Just like discovering a new neighborhood joint, hearing local acts you’ve never come across before is ultra refreshing. One of which is Marietta-native-now-Ponce-haunt Evan Andree who’s forward thinking indie electronic melodies are matched up perfectly with creative and thought-provoking lyrics. Luckily for us, we can pick up his tunes, which have been featured in international ad campaigns like Nike UK’s “Find Your Greatness,” for free on his Brite Revolution page. Evan’s got two EPs out: Flags and Flags Pt. II. I’ve got two of my favorite tracks from each EP below. 

When did you start producing electronic music?
I’ve been fascinated with building songs from scratch my entire life. I really don’t remember when that transitioned into electronic music. I guess in my strange head it all kind of blends together as music in general, whether I’m making it with synthesizers or with acoustic instruments. I think it was probably a natural progression for me to move into electro because I wanted to get into every part of the song from drums and bass to melodies and notes.
Who/what is your biggest inspiration as a musician?
Music is spiritual. It reaches a part of you that nothing else does and when an artist can communicate in that medium they can really communicate a feeling, not just an idea. That is probably what keeps me going.
What’s playing on your speakers RIGHT NOW?
Right now? Um… My car has Umbrellas “Illuminare”, Piebald’s “The First Ten Years” was just on my computer, and looks like MXPX’s “The Ever Passing Moment” was last queued on the ipod. I guess I’m going through a throw back phase.
"BassIsMyBoyfriend" is a term to describe my love of electronic music, so if bass is MY boyfriend, what’s is YOUR girlfriend?
I’m in love with the tragedy of life and I like how music plays into that. Boom. And my wife. Duh.

Support this local (and most of all awesome) music from Evan Andree (follow him on Twitter @evanandreemusic because amazing things are definitely on the way!
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